fine art portrait of pregnant young woman standing in field of sunflowers by katja photography

Fine Art Photography

Welcome to the one place where your reality turns into a fantasy.  I have always been drawn to the whimsical, the magical, the impossible made possible… a place where imagination can run wild.  Fine Art Composite Photography does just that.  After careful consideration of lighting, mood, dress and props I can transport you into a land of make-believe in a realistic manner, which makes people stop and wonder how we managed to stage such a fantastical scene. 


The process of creating a Fine Art Composite involves hours of work.  It begins with carefully choosing the perfect image to suit a specific scene, to layering multiple images and blending the effects to create a realistic masterpiece.


Mostly I prefer shooting outdoors in nature, incorporating natural light.  This will add an extra touch of realism in the creation of the photographic art.  In addition to the Fine Art Composite, you will receive a set of images of the shoot, which have been beautifully edited in a fine art portrait style.


The below image of little boy holding a bubble wand was shot outdoors, with a specific intention in mind.


Katja Photogaphy - Fine Art Example Nature

If you prefer, the shoot can be conducted indoors in a studio setting and the lighting is then manipulated to suit the intended scene in post-production.  Again, you will receive a set of images of the shoot, edited to perfection to make you look superb.

In the below example I have transported the young lady and her dog, shot in a studio setting, into a magical snowy forest.

Katja Photogaphy - Fine Art Example Studio

  • Before your shoot, we will discuss shoot location, wardrobe and specific ideas for your artwork in order that we can, together, create your fantasy. 
  • The shoot itself will generally take about an hour and promises to be loads of fun.
  • I will create your Fine Art Composite from an image carefully chosen which best suits the intended ideas as discussed.
  • I will carefully edit a set of the best images from the shoot – I believe in quality over quantity.


The images are presented to you via digital format. Printing, framing and various forms of presentation, including calendars, memory boxes, etc. can be arranged at an additional cost.  I can advise you in more detail should you be interested.

The standard charge for this package is R1 900 (shoot location to be within a 20 km radius of Hout Bay, otherwise additional travel costs apply).